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The Raging Sea by Michael Buckley

“The Raging Sea” by Michael Buckley…ummmm when is the next one coming out? This book was fantastic. I love, love, love it! Yes that is a lot of love. Lyric is on the run with Arcade and Bex. They are headed inland to find the compound where Lyric’s parents were taken, now that the beach has been destroyed. Lyric believes that Fathom is dead and so she is full of despair.  When everything goes wrong, Lyric is left on her own?

Lyric doesn’t want to use her superpower however part of her also likes it. I feel like this was definitely a growing and turning point for Lyric. She was trying to figure out who she is as both a human and an Alpha. Lyric is a very special girl and she seems to hold power but not hold power. It is a very complicated matter. I love how witty Lyric is. She brings such joy to my life as a reader. I feel like Lyric tries to lean more to her human side than her Alpha side. I think Lyric makes a good heroine because she knows the consequences of her actions and she lives them. Lyric wants to protect everyone but herself.

This story is definitely what the title commands. “The Raging Sea.” Just think about that title for a second. “The Raging Sea” is really a raging sea. Everything blows up for Lyric. The people on land are falling apart. The oceans are falling apart. The world is falling apart. Everything is coming to pieces and people are trying to figure out what happens. Just like any war some people cover and others take advantage of the situation. I think the important part is what everyone else is going to do about it.

This novel is full of many surprises. I think I gabbled each one up gratefully. The reader again is left with another cliff hanger so it will be very interesting to see what happens. I absolutely love this series. It is very interesting and I am dying to know how it ends.

I listened to the audiobook and I thought that Jennifer Grace did a wonderful job narrating this story. I enjoyed her reading this book to me. I thought she did an excellent job with voices and I look forward to her doing the third one.

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