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Unhinged by A. G. Howard

“Unhinged” by A.G. Howard was a dark and twisted sequel to “Splintered.” “Unhinged” picks up several months after “Splintered” ended. Alyssa is trying to figure out her relationship with Jeb but it is a bit difficult because he doesn’t remember any of their time in Wonderland. When Morpheus starts showing up in her dreams again, Alyssa wonders if something is up. Now that Wonderland is in danger again, Alyssa doesn’t want to go back but she is afraid that she must if she is to say her beloved second home.

I really did like “Unhinged.” I felt like I really got know both Alyssa and Morpheus better in this book. I think “Unhinged” focuses a lot on Morpheus and who he is. I really liked getting to know Morpheus better. I think it all sequels where similar to this one then I would enjoy them a whole lot more. I like when I get to know the characters better. I don’t just want to see one side of them but all the sides that make the character. I think Howard did a great job with this one because I truly got to see all sides of these characters.

The biggest complaint that I have is also why it made it so good. The love triangle was getting a little out of hand in “Unhinged.” I also think this is why it made the book good because you really got to know how each character felt about the other one. The back and forth between whom Alyssa should love was really getting old. Then when there is a loop-hole everything becomes a huge mess.

The visual art in this story is amazing. Howard paints such a beautiful Wonderland. It is creepy and sinister but beautiful none the less. I fell in love with it right away. I still think this is one of my favorite “Alice in Wonderland” retellings. I am really looking forward to reading “Ensnared” and seeing how it all ends.

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