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Dark Energy by Robison Wells

“Dark Energy” by Robinson Wells was a lot better than I was expecting but still a bit disappointing in the end.  The story was lacking an ending to me. I feel like it wasn’t completely wrapped up in the end. I will explain more as I go on.

The story starts off with Alice. She is being moved to a new town to go to a private high school that is for the rich and talented children. Alice is being moved here because her dad is the director of special projects for NASA and there happens to be an alien spaceship that has landed in the cold atmosphere of Minnesota.

When the aliens step out of the spaceship and it becomes a big spectacle on Earth. Now two alien teenagers are being put into Alice’s new school. The girl alien ends up being assigned to Alice’s dorm. Alice and her friends being much smarter than the school, government, and society give them credit for, were able to figure out that there is way more to these aliens then what the government is saying and also what the aliens are saying themselves.

The writing and dialogue were great. The characters were a lot of fun. I loved reading Alice and her father interacting. I think the two of them made the best duo ever. I would love to see more books that had a father daughter duo like this one did. I loved how all of the characters interacted with each other. I think that is what made this story really good.

The part that was hard and disappointing was the fact that the story with the aliens just didn’t seem to be fully developed. I found myself disappointed with how the story ended. The story didn’t end badly, I just feel like there is something missing from the story and I can’t quite pinpoint it. It doesn’t feel complete.

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