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Down with the Shine by Kate Karyus Quinn

"Down with the Shine" by Kate Karyus Quinn was nothing like what I was expecting. I found myself getting really bored with the story. I couldn't keep up with what was going on. The story line just seemed to keep dragging on to the point that I just wasn't interested anymore.


Why I didn't like "Down with the Shine":

  1. I could not relate to the characters at all. Everyone knows how big the characters are for me in books. It was disappointing to me that I just couldn't find any connection to these characters.

  2. The story line was not presented well. The idea was very unique and fun but I don't think the story was executed well at all. I found myself bored and uninterested. Everything seemed to jump around too. First the story was about wishes and then it switched to her dad hunting her. I just found myself confused and done.

  3. Why would we promote kids drinking? I know that it happens but why do we want to center the story around teenagers drinking alcohol?

  4. Long. This book seems a lot longer than it needs to be. This could again becoming from me being very bored at the execution.

  5. The wishes were so ridiculous. I think the idea is still really cool but the wishes could have been a lot better and the consequences that the characters had to deal with. I feel like some of the things that people wished for was just so others could laugh. I would have liked the story to stay consistent with either being dark or being humorous. Combining the two didn't work for me.

Even thought I didn't like "Down with the Shine" doesn't meant that someone else with different tastes wouldn't like it. I think Quinn's writing was good. It was the story line that I just couldn't get into. This just was not a story for me.



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