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Dreamology by Lucy Keating

“Dreamology” by Lucy Keating is by far my favorite book of 2016 so far. I loved this story. Alice has always dreamed of Max for as long as she could remember. When Alice and her dad move into her grandmother’s old house, she starts a new school and there is where she meets Max. Never would Alice have thought that the boy in her dreams would actually be real. Max is not the same boy that Alice knows. He acts like he doesn’t know her at all so maybe it was all just in her head.

“Standing in the doorway of the classroom, looking directly at me, is Max.
My Max.
My Max of my dreams.”

These characters were amazing. I liked Alice right away. She has had a rough life but she has also dealt with it pretty well. Alice’s mom left her at a young age, so Alice has never really had her mom around but she always had Max in her dreams. Now something is going wrong with her dreams and her reality. Max doesn’t seem to want to be around her and Alice doesn’t know why he won’t admit to what he feels or needs.

Keating brings such bubbly and cheery writing to her readers. Within this bubbly writing, she covers despair, abandonment, sadness, worry, and happiness. I feel like she covers many emotions but does it in a way that the reader still enjoys reading the book. I love the touching scenes that Max and Alice have. They are so great and so loving. I think Keating did a great job with her debut.

I read “Dreamology” is one day. Yes, this book is that good. I was in love with the characters from page one. Alice has so much to offer. She is scared in her own shell in the real world but she comes alive in her dream world and I love how alive she became as the story went on. Max was that moody teenage boy that you never know what is up with him. I loved getting to know all the different sides of Max. I feel like he also has a lot to offer.

This is such a sweet story of love, attachment, and best friends. I feel like this is a friendship that one should search for. To have a friend for life that is real and not only in your dreams is amazing. I love Keating’s vivid imagination. I feel like her imagination is why I love books. It is for this reason. It has been awhile since I read a book in one whole day and I am so glad that it was this one. Keating did a great job weaving her dream world into reality. I think I liked this part the most.

I will definitely be watching for what Keating writes yet. She has set a bar for this book. I need something else right away. I have to quickly mention this, look at this beautiful cover! I love it!

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