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Greta and the Lost Army by Chloe Jacobs

“Greta and the Lost Army” by Chloe Jacobs was the best one yet! This was a great conclusion to the series. Greta as always is a fantastic heroine. She has had an amazing story since the beginning of the book. Greta goes to every length she can no matter how extreme the circumstances for those that she loves. Greta doesn’t give up and I love that about her. This whole series and been about Greta growing and becoming stronger.

Jacobs is an amazing world builder. I think she has done a great job with these novels and the world building. Mylena comes to life for the reader. Jacobs makes this world so easy for the reader to visualize. She does a great job of creating two worlds that fit together.

The first part of this story is about Greta trying to adapt to the human world again. She has lived away from the human world for four years and now she has to go back to human life. She gives her parents a half-truth story that way they won’t check her into a psychology center. Greta struggles on whether she wants to go back to Mylena or if she wants to stay in her human world.

These characters are great. I already mentioned how much I adore Greta. Isaac has become this guy that we all love. I think Jacobs did a great job with Isaac. She has created a wonderful book boyfriend. This is my favorite line:

Isaac stopped her at the bottom of the stairs with a crooked smile. "I would wish you sweet dreams, but how can they be memorable if I won't be in them?"

Who couldn’t love Isaac?

Of course these characters that we love end up going back to Mylena in order to deal with Agramon. That is where there is a great battle. I don’t think anyone will be disappointed with this series. It moves like crazy. The story is fast pace and easy to get lost in. This was an amazing conclusion to this trilogy.

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