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Island in the Sea by Anita Hughes

“Island in the Sea” by Anita Hughes was good but not as good as the past books that I have read by Hughes. I was a big disappointed on all the product names. It seemed to be more products pushing than anything else. I get that Lionel was supposed to be super famous and all but all the brand name products was unnecessary. I was really looking forward to this book because I have really liked the past novels by Hughes.

I feel like “Island in the Sea” is a bit mediocre. Hughes didn’t spend a lot of time setting up the setting for the reader. It is the reader’s assumption that the story takes place in Majorca.  I don’t feel like Hughes achieved transporting a reader into the story. I feel like this part was missing. This is a book that I was on the outside looking in and just didn’t find myself falling in love with the story.

I think the story would be so much better if there wasn’t so much name dropping. That really was a big turn off for me. I feel like the focus was more about author names and brand names that there wasn’t much of a story to focus on. It would have been nice to become more familiar with the setting and the characters than what clothes they were wearing.


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