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Model Misfit by Holly Smale

“Model Misfit” by Holly Smale was everything I wanted and more. I love how fun and fluffy the “Geek Girl” series is. When I want something fun and light that will make me laugh, this is the series that I want to read. I was laughing so hard during parts of this book. I really couldn’t have asked for more as far as the story line went.

Harriet. I love how Harriet is still herself through this whole process. She is still a geek. She is learning that she has a love hate relationship with her modeling adventures. Harriet is someone who I just want to protect from others. I feel so bad every time Harriet gets duped. Harriet is trying to get over heartbreak and so she gets a modeling offer to go to Japan and she wants to go but someone has to go with her. Her step-grandmother ends up going with Harriet. This is during a time that Harriet thinks her family is wanting to get rid of her because there is a new baby on the way.

Harriet’s grandmother basically lets Harriet run around in the wild. Of course with Harriet being herself, she ends up getting herself into all kinds of trouble. One thing I love about Harriet’s character is the fact that she believes in the good of everyone. Even if that means that she gets hurt. I feel like in today’s society this isn’t something that is well-known anymore. If you do find that one person that is trusting, they get made fun of or taken advantage of. I love how sweet and endearing Harriet is. I hope to see her develop more in the future and on top of that I want to see her grow in her modeling career.

I am looking forward to diving into the next installation of “Geek Girl.”


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