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Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch

"Snow Like Ashes" by Sara Raasch was a very addictive read. It was the kind of read that once I picked it up, I wasn't able to put it down until I had finished. Then I sat around wondering why I didn't pick this series up soon. (My Sister is going "I told you so" in the background.)

I will start with the world and setting and all that jazz first. The world in "Snow Like Ashes" is split up into two different type of kingdoms and then each of those types is made up of four kingdoms, so that makes eight separate kingdoms total. The two type of kingdoms are "Rhythm" and "Season". I really liked the idea of the "Season" kingdoms. I am not totally sure I understand the "Rhythm" kingdoms totally still. These kingdoms each have their own magic that is only supposed to affect their own people.

The World of Primoria 

The Season Kingdoms are: 

Winter - with a capital named Jannuari. The people are based off of a Greek culture.

Autumn - with a capital named Oktuber. The people are based off a mix of Arabian and Thai culture.

Spring - with a capital named Abril. The spring people are a mix of everything because Spring keeps conquering people.

Summer - with a capital named Juli. The peopel are based off a mix of African and Islander.


The Rhythm Kingdoms are: 

Cordell - with a capital named Bithai. The people are based off of a mix of Nordic and English.

Yakim - The people are based off of a mix of French and German.

Ventralli - The people are based off Italian most specifically Venetian.

Paisly - The people are based off of Eastern European.


Winter's magic conduit was destroyed by Angra, the Spring King. Meira and the other 7 Winterians not in imprisonment is trying to find the two halves of the conduit. Meira ends up begging to go on a mission to rescue half of the conduit when she is captured. She finds a way to escape and ends up coming back to the settlement that she and the other Winterians were staying out. Spies followed her back to the settlement and then everyone had to split up and meet up at a later date.

I really liked Meira. She is stubborn and wild. She wants to feel useful and wanted. She grew up an orphan, knowing very little about her family and she just wants to help save Winter. She learns that there is more than just fighting what you believe in. Just because she wants to fight doesn't mean that she is putting others in danger. I liked that Meira was learning about herself throughout this entire book.

I definitely think this book is predictable. I had pegged the outcome within the first few chapters. With that being said, I still really enjoyed reading the book. I am hoping that good things come to the Winterians. I really want to see this kingdom succeed in this series.

Back to the magical world of Primoria. Raasch brings the reader such a magical world. Some aspects of this world become very confusing. There are so many kingdoms to keep track of and who rule whats kingdom. Whether it is a male or female that controls the magic. It is a lot. This world has been created so beautifully. I enjoyed every bit of getting to know this world. I am hoping for the next book that I may know the kingdoms a little better. I feel a little bit at a loss when it comes to who everyone is in each kingdom.

Kate Rudd did an amazing job with the narration of this audiobook. I enjoyed her reading very much. I hope that she gets to continue doing the books for Raasch. It is always great when you get a really good narrator because it helps with the listening of the book.



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