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Tiger's Curse by Colleen Houck

"Tiger's Curse" is a story that was not prepared for. I was told by several people that I needed to read this series. Oregon is my state and well this story partially takes place in a city that I am familiar with. I finally gave in and gave "Tiger's Curse" a try and found that I loved it. I wasn't ready to get into a huge series like this one. Imagine reading "Breaking Dawn" every book. It is thick.

The beginning of "Tiger's Curse" is very slow. I feel like as the story goes on it really picks up and keeps going. Kelsey becomes a pretty likable character. She is getting ready to go to college but during the summer she wants to find a job to earn some money. She ends up taking a job at a visiting circus in Salem, OR. That is when Kelsey meets the beautiful white tiger Ren.

Kelsey in a way befriends this tiger. She reads Romeo and Juliet to him in her free time. She comes and talks to him on her breaks. She forms a bonding connection with this tiger. Kelsey starts to panic when she finds out that a man bought Ren and will be taking him back to India. Now she doesn't know what is going on and what she is going to do. When Kelsey gets offered a job to go to India with Ren, she takes it. Now her life is changed forever.

I really liked "Tiger's Curse." I thought it was a great idea and it was executed very well. I really liked getting to know Ren and Kelsey. The adventure that those two go on is epic. I really enjoyed the story-line. Even with it being slow in the beginning, I loved it. Mr. Kadam is an amazing character. Kadam is my favorite in the book because he is filled with so much knowledge and character. I thought it was fantastic how Kadam just took Kelsey under his wing.

Then this audiobook is fantastic. Annika Boras is an amazing narrator and she does such a great job with the voices. I loved listening to this audiobook so much. Boras kept the story so entertaining. I need to listen to more audiobooks by her. Definitely check out the "Tiger's Curse" audiobook. It is so good.

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