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Tiger's Promise by Colleen Houck

“Tiger’s Promise” by Colleen Houck is a prequel novella to the “Tiger’s Curse Saga.” I recommend that you read this book last because it will spoil a lot for those who have not read the other books. I think “Tiger’s Promise” was definitely a novella worthy to be written. Yesubai has a secret that she wants to keep away from her father. Her father abuses her and lets other men abuse her by treating her like their own personal toy. Yesubai has so much power, yet no one knows. Yesubai is treated like a weak worthless girl and I feel like in a lot of ways she is more cunning than any of them.

The world that Houck brings the reader into is one of horror. Yesubai does not have an easy life. It is full of betrayal and abuse. Her father thinks she is worthless and wishes that she was never born. He doesn’t want her to have a better life than him. I really appreciate Houck giving the reader the insight on how things began so many years ago.

I do think that this is one of the better novellas that I have read. I feel like Houck gives the reader a lot of detail for a small amount of space. I really like how the reader gets to know Yesubai and why she did the things that she did. As a person that read the novels, I already knew how things would end but I was more fascinated by what was happening in the middle of the tale.


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