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Tiger's Voyage by Colleen Houck

“Tiger’s Voyage” by Colleen Houck is the third novel in the “Tiger’s Curse” series. I really enjoyed getting to continue Kelsey, Kishan, and Ren’s stories. Ren doesn’t remember who Kelsey is about well Kelsey isn’t sure how to act around Ren. He is a very vicious circle. Kelsey at the very least wants to try to be Ren’s friend. She and Ren try to start working on that but it hurts Kelsey seeing Ren moving on. In a way it isn’t Ren’s fault that he doesn’t have any turmoil moving on but it does hurt Kelsey. Kishan also wants to give Kelsey time to figure out what she wants.

For the third novel, Kelsey and the Rajaram brothers have to face five dragons in order to obtain Durga’s necklace. These dragons aren’t going to make this task easy; they each want something from the crew. This takes the team on a whole new adventure and figure out different sacrifices in order to survive this round of tests. All the characters in this novel had big choices to make that will change their lives forever.

I as the reader was put though so many emotions with this novel. Houck drug my emotions through the mud. Sometimes I think Houck had a grand all time ripping the hearts out from her readers. First it is Ren and then it is Kishan, and then Ren, and then Kishan. I just want Kelsey to choose one of them and stick to it. I feel like everyone is just going to end up getting hurt in the end if no one makes a decision. Houck has captured my heart with this series and I love it to death. I am getting a bit bored with Kelsey's indecisiveness. I am looking forward to seeing what will happen to everyone. This was a big novel so it will be interesting to see how the series ends.

The audiobooks are fantastic. I love love love it!!!!!! The voices, the characters, all of it is so good on audiobook. The audiobooks bring the story to life. I highly recommend people listening to these audiobooks.

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