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Ice like Fire by Sara Raasch

"Ice Like Fire" by Sara Raasch was a decent follow-up to the first book. I don't think it was executed as well as the first novel, but it was still really good. The hard thing about second books is they can be a hit or a miss and I think "Ice Like Fire" is one of the lucky ones that falls somewhere in between.

Meira recently found out about the truth of who she really is and now she is trying to restore her kingdom. She is no longer a nameless orphan but one of quite significant importance. She is trying really hard to find the difference between her queen self and her old self. I think this book is a huge stepping stone of Meira trying to figure out who she wants to be in her life. She grew up believing that she is a nobody and now she is the most important person in the Winter Kingdom. Now everyone wants a piece of her and a piece of her kingdom. The last thing that Meira wants to do is hand her kingdom over when she just got it back and she definitely doesn't want magic to end up in the wrong hands.




Meira has learned so much about herself. She is learning what it is to be a good queen. I like that Meira thinks of her people first. She wants to do what is best for them. Meira learned that she is now the conduit of Winter's magic and to her she doesn't completely understand everything that means. "Ice Like Fire" is about her discovering what that means and everything that she wants.

Meira doesn't think she can make mistakes because the kingdom has suffered so much. Because of this, I think Meira falls short of a good character this time around. She has to be able to make mistakes in order to be a good queen. If she doesn't make any mistakes, then she is never going to make any decisions for her kingdom and the last thing that Meira needs is someone else to make all the decisions.




Again I would have to say that "Ice Like Fire" was just as predictable as "Snow Like Ashes" because I was able to peg how the story was going to go from the very beginning. I still very much enjoyed reading this book. I think it is one of the better sequels I have read even when it suffers form the second book syndrome. Conflicts in the story became very repetitive. I am hoping book three will finish out strong and I am looking forward to reading the conclusion of this trilogy.


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