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The Bad Boy's Baby by Cindi Madsen

"The Bad Boy's Baby" by Cindi Madsen was such a cute read. Which doesn't surprise me at all. Madsen always has the sweetest love stories. Cam is out of the military and is back to work with his brother at a lodge in the mountains. Cam had an abusive father growing up and his mother wasn't around. This created some anger issues for Cam that he works on every day to overcome.

Our other main characters is Emma. Emma is the mother of a beautiful little girl named Zoey. Zoey is two years old and has never known her father. Emma never told the father that she was pregnant or that he had a daughter. Zoey was the product of a reckless night that Emma had with Cam.

When Emma sees that Cam has come back from the military, she decides to tell Cam that he has a daughter and then Cam decides that he wants to be involved in Zoey's life. As Cam gets to know his daughter, he and Emma soon start developing feelings for each other. When Emma gets offered a job in a different state, will everything change?

I love Madsen's writing. I think she does a fantastic job. She spends time developing both her story and her characters. I really liked getting to know Cam more and getting to know Emma and Zoey. I think this is a wonderful story about finding out about yourself too. Cam didn't want kids but now he has one and he finds that he loves being Zoey's dad. This is a very sweet and touching romance that anyone should enjoy.

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