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The Queen's Poisoner by Jeff Wheeler

"The Queen's Poisoner" by Jeff Wheeler is my first novel by Wheeler. I thought the story was great. The writing though was a bit choppy. We will get to that. The characters were very well developed and written in this story. I found myself really liking the characters and enjoying to get to know them.

Owen is eight years old and was sent to be a prisoner for the King. Owen's father had committed treason and Owen's brother was executed. Owen's character is a very believable eight year old. He isn't brave right way and he has normal fears but at the same time he has a maturity and wisdom at times that children can have. At the same time, there are times that he struggles with this wisdom and maturity. It is nice to see this kid that acts like kids in real life.

Wheeler did a great job with the character development. I felt like I really got to know each character very well. It is the characters that keep the story moving. As the reader you invest in these characters and you want to see what happens next. The story line is very good and I enjoyed it a lot.

Now to the nitty gritty that not all is fond about but it is important. Wheeler has a tendency to write choppy sentences. It is almost like he has a free of creating a run on sentence, so he makes them all choppy instead. I feel like the story would have flowed better if there wasn't so many choppy sentences.

The last thing is...we are talking about an eight year old being on main character, so why are we throwing in romance between another eight year old. I loved that Wheeler is going out side the box with writing an adult series with the main character being only eight but to then through out that there is a romance between Owen and Evie is a bit much. I feel like they need to be a little older for that. All in all this is a great start to a new series. I am looking forward to reading the next book.


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