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The Rambling Thoughts of a Stressed Out Girl

Like I said in my previous post, that you can check out here, I am going to try to write more personal posts. I think it may help with my stress and well just trying to get myself out of my own head. I feel like I worry about things that I probably shouldn't worry about because it is out my control. Knowing myself I am going to stress out anyway.

Some things in life that stress me out:

Work Life. Not all the time but sometimes it stresses me out. Especially when I have to deal with problems and not the kind of problems that are easy to fix, I am meaning more conflict between people or other things. I want things in my life to go smoothly and for people to get along. I also try very hard to make sure that all the work is complete and accurate.

Health. My health stresses me out a lot. There is a lot of health issues going on in my life and most of them I don't have control over and this is frustrating and stressful to me. I find that there are things I want to fix but in order to fix them I cause another health issue to flame up. I am getting frustrated. It seems like no matter how much I exercise, or eat, or try to be healthy, I pretty much suck at it. Walking hurts so bad. I push myself everyday because I want to have a healthy body but I don't have healthy feet. I feel like all I am doing is losing two battles.

Blogging. Sometimes blogging stresses me out. I feel like I am always running behind on my review books. I want to be able to complete things and build my blogging audience and sometimes I feel like I won't ever get there. I need to keep building this book review empire that I have created but it seems people are reading book reviews less and less. Then I am trying to blog and do Instagram which is just adding more work. I want to keep gaining followers, so I keep working hard to continue the work that I do. Sometimes I feel like it is never enough.

Life. Trying to balance everything in my life can be stressful. It is hard to figure out where to commit my time and where I should give things up. I feel like I never get to see my family because my schedule at work doesn't really allow for me to have weekend travel. I try to spend time with friends however it is always cut short for other life things either on my side or theirs. Life is always creating problems. My job is to try to come up with ways to over come them.

I know that I will get over all of this. I know eventually the stress will go away or it will be stress from something else that I did not list. Life is Life and figuring out is what makes life worth it..

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