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Untamed by A. G. Howard

"Untamed" by A. G. Howard was a sweet tribute to the beloved characters that we have fallen in love with. I fell in love with the "Splintered" series right away. I am a huge Alice in Wonderland fan and this seemed like such a perfect fit for me.

I've missed these characters since I finished "Ensnared." It was nice to get to revisit each of them again. I feel like "Untamed" was written specifically for the fans. These are for the ones that want just that little bit more of the world and characters that Howard created.

"Untamed" is three novellas. "The Boy in the Web," which is a look at Alyssa's parents. The second novella is "Moth in the Mirror," where Morpheus is seeing things from Jeb's side of the story on events that happened in "Splintered." Last but not least we have "Six Impossible Things." This is a novella about Alyssa being an old woman and making the journey back to Wonderland. I really liked how this went through three memories that Alyssa had with Jeb and then three memories that Alyssa had with Morpheus. Then of course you get to read about Alyssa having her and Morpheus dream child.

I think "Untamed" was a good ending to the series. I know there were a lot of expectations of whether or not this was going to be all about Jeb or Morpheus and how it was going to go. I think that A. G. Howard did a good job with it. I liked the amount of information that I was given because it still leaves room for imagination on my part.


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