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Update on my Fabulous NOT SO Fabulous Life

I know it has been awhile since I have done a personal post. I feel like people are more interested in the books than me, so that is what I want to give you lovely readers. Lately I have been a bit down. I have been completely frazzled and frustrated. My reading has suffered, my blog has suffered, my health is suffering, and my social life has suffered.

I have been going through some challenges with my day job that has basically thrown everything else in my personal life in a chaotically hot mess. My goal is to try to get everything outside of my day job aligned again. I am hoping that maybe this weekend I can catch up on some reading so that I can have some new book reviews to share.

With it being Mother's Day weekend, I am guessing everyone is going to be pretty busy. Because of my insane work schedule, I will not get a chance to make it home to visit my mom, but I did get to see her last weekend. That was a huge blessing. It was nice to get to spend some one on one time with my mom. I ended up getting her mother's day/birthday present early.

I have been working so much that I feel like I have lost my connection to the outside world. If I have been ignoring you, please don't take it personally it is because I crash when I get home. Sometimes I barely make it through dinner. That is all the update I have for now. Eventually there will be more, or maybe I will have something exciting to share. Who knows? Right now, my life is full of lots and lots of work.


  1. Hugs, I hope it all gets better! Always rooting for you and praying!

  2. So sorry to hear that things aren't going well, Ali. I hope things get better fast. I know how wearing all those things converging can be. Your fans are still out here though.


  3. Thank you. It is always nice to know that the fans are out there. Sometimes it gets tough when you don't hear from your audience for awhile. You can see people looking at stuff but not sure if they actually read any of the words on the page. Seeing comments like yours always makes me excited.

  4. Thank you Roxanne. Love you girl! You are definitely a rock in my life.