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Book Review: Kisses on a Paper Airplane by Sarah Vance-Tompkins

"Kisses on a Paper Airplane" by Sarah Vance-Tompkins was a very short cute read. I think this is a really good book for teens. I think it really reminds people that celebrities are people too. Hannah is a very shy character. I actually found her quite timid at times. She doesn't like to be around other people. She would rather blend into a crowd. I think it is quite funny because she is studying drama. Theo is also an insecure character. Theo is also a pop sensation. I think he is a pretty grounded character which was really nice to see. He tries hard to be polite to people and he is definitely a bit of a nerd.

I think it was really sweet how Theo just jumps in and comes to the rescue. Hannah thinks that maybe Theo may be the guy that she has always wanted to share her first kiss. When Hannah finds out who Theo really is, than she turns back into her very shy self. I thought the two characters interactions were done really well.

The story was a bit slow for my preference. Some parts seemed to drag on when other parts went by very fast. I think pacing could use some improvement. The plot line was very cute. Vance-Tompkins does a great job executing her plot line. It is a very cute rainy day read. The perspective switched between Theo and Hannah's points of view.

My biggest complaint is that I wanted a lot more from Hannah. This story is supposed to be telling the point of view of a 19 year old and she acted more like she was 14 or 15. I think the age wasn't allotted very well. This was the same issue with Theo. He acted way older than his 20s. I think the ages of the characters don't fit very well.

I do have to give kuddos to Vance-Tompkins because she was able to create an instant connection for some characters without it being an insta-love. I really liked that because it bothers me when characters see to automatically be in love with each other. All in all I really liked this story. It will be great to see what Vance-Tompkins does in the future.

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