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Relentless by Tera Lynn Childs

“Relentless” by Tera Lynn Childs and Tracy Deebs was way better than the first “Hero Agenda” novel. “Relentless” is much more action packed than “Powerless.” This book could be straight out of a super hero comic. The teenagers have powers and they go up against a bad guy. It all fits perfectly.

Kenna really becomes her own person in this book. I thought it was great that she embraced what she has to offer the world. I love when I am able to see a character grow and I feel like Kenna was able to grow a lot in this book. The other characters really helped make the book too. I would love to see more from these characters.

This world really is interesting. It makes the reader consider what is going on and keep up with the characters. I think Childs and Deebs did a wonderful job writing the story. I really think this would have been better as graphic novels. The story isn’t bad; I can just see this story line and all the action making a fantastic graphic novel. It totally fits with the standards.

The story went by pretty fast. The book isn’t very long but I think it still gave Childs and Deebs enough time to master the characters and explain them well. The world is separated by heroes, villains, and those without powers. Kenna finds out that it isn’t as simple as heroes’ vs villains. This story line continues down this path. It isn’t like the villains are always the bad guys and heroes are always the good guys, sometimes it is reversed. I think this is a very interesting take on superheroes and villains.

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