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The White Rose by Amy Ewing

"The White Rose" by Amy Ewing has such a beautiful cover. I love it so much. I actually thought "The White Rose" was a lot better than "The Jewel." I really enjoyed the story and how the characters were developing even more. Some characters back stories were revealed like Ash.

Violet has Raven picked up in her stead. Ash is wrongly accused of raping Violet. Violet and Ash flee. Ash, Violet, and Raven are beginning their journey together by escaping to 'The White Rose.' They have a few bumps along the way and some complications. These three end up making it to their destination.

So many things are beginning to be revealed in "The White Rose." I was hooked right away on the story plot line. I wanted to know as much information as I could. I think it is great that the characters really develop in this book. I think each characters comes into their own personalities and beliefs. Friendships seem to build between the different characters which I also really enjoyed. I feel like now each of them have a connection besides their one connection with Violet.

I was never a huge Ash and Violet fan but I did like the fact that Ewing focused on developing their relationship rather than bringing another person in. I thought getting away from the love triangle for once was amazing. I really enjoyed the fact that so many characters began to get their own stories and grow as characters. It made me extremely happy.

I am really looking forward to seeing how this series ends and where all the characters end up. I think book three is going to be amazing. I can't wait to have it in my hands.

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