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Unplugged Tour: Review

"Unplugged" by Donna Freitas starts out really slow but I love it. This world is so great. I really got interested in how Freitas set up the universe that these characters live in. Freitas has made such a unique world. These characters live in a virtual reality. These kids and teenagers are promised that they can visit the real world once they turn seventeen.



Skylar Cruz has been waiting to unplug for what feels like forever. It is the only chance that she is able to see her real mom and sister again. Then an announcement is made that they are shutting down the unplugging and now Skylar is unable to unplug. When all the other singles are excited that they don't have to do their year of service in the real world, Skylar is extremely upset about it. Now she is on the hunt to figure out why things are shut down and how she can gain access to the real world.



There are a few things about this virtual world though that I don't totally understand. I don't understand how Skylar can breathe? Is it just a practice that they are used to or do they really have to breathe? How do you breathe in a virtual world? Then there are apps flying through the air, so is everyone's brain like a cell phone and they can just download things. If it is all virtual, what are you plugging the apps into. I wish there was a lot more explanation for the little things. No I don't think these are huge enough for the book to be bad. This is just some curiosity questions that I have come out with.

This world comes with many complications. I thought the world building was a bit slow and I have so many unanswered questions about how things work. As the book kept going, I felt like things got a big easier. I think there is a lot of information thrown at the reader in the beginning that it makes it hard for someone to follow the story.



I really like how the characters are different. Donna and Inara have very different opinions on things. I like how these two debate and disagree. It shows how they grew up together in this virtual world and how much they care about each other but don't always agree. I do think the characters are a bit lacking. Skylar doesn't have much of a personality yet. The biggest thing that the reader knows about her is she desperately wants to see her birth family again. She is a very insecure character and focuses on the negative so much. I really want to see her grow in the future. The other characters weren't the best either. Some of them had good qualities but most were just super annoying. I would like to see some improvement on the characters for the future.

I am in love with this plot. I think it is a fantastic story and I am really enjoying learning more about this virtual world. I love how vivid this world is. I think the imagery that Freitas writes is amazing. A digital world isn't a new concept but I think the world that Freitas brings us, of only living in a virtual reality and not being able to come out is new. I am very intrigued on how this series will end. I will be looking forward to the next book and I am hoping that this will improve with the characters. I would love to see more fleshed out characters that are easy to love and relate too. I think "Unplugged" by Donna Freitas is definitely a book to give a shot just for the story line. It is a great story.

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Donna Freitas is an author of fiction, nonfiction, and articles that appear in newspapers, magazines, and on blogs. Born in Rhode Island, Donna now splits her time between New York City and Barcelona.

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