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Just a Few Inches by Tara St. Pierre

"Just a Few Inches" by Tara St. Pierre is extremely different story. Carrie Roberts has got an amazing life. She has a loving family, all-star basketball player boyfriend, she is a cheerleader, and she will be graduation soon. All Carrie really wants is to lose a few inches in order to fit into this gorgeous Valentine’s Day dress that she bought. When Carrie sees an ad for some weight loss pills on TV, she decided to give them a try. They did help her lose a few inches but they were in height rather than in her waist.

What I liked:

  • This story was very unique. I thought it took a very interesting path to take with relying a message of me comfortable in your body.

  • Pierre’s writing is definitely unique and she creates a very though provoking plot. She creates a very interesting tale in order to show what this character is going through and how ridiculous she is being.

  • I really liked how St. Pierre included the thoughts and feelings of Carrie’s friends and family. I think it was a nice perspective to show how her insecurity and selfishness was also affecting them.

What I disliked:

  • I couldn’t find a way to relate to Carrie at all. I had a hard time with Carrie’s character because I feel like she is way too self-centered. She has everything but she still is vain enough to take diet pills to drop some inches. It wasn’t like she was fat at all. She just wanted to look how she thought she should look.

  • I felt like some passages were a bit too wordy. I feel lie there was extra information added in places that we just didn’t need.

  • I would have loved to learn more about Todd and Carrie’s relationship. Even though their relationship is not what the book is about, it would have been nice to have some more information about the two of them together.

Wrap up:

  • I really thought that this is a good book for those battling with their self-image. I didn’t think it is the best book out there but I feel like it did share a lot of good information. I really like the unique take that the author had.

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