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The Problem with Forever By Jennifer L. Armentrout

I had a few problems with The Problem with Forever. I liked it okay but I wasn't crazy about it. I wanted to be crazy about it. The cover begs for me to love it. I mean look at it its gorgeous. I kind of expected to have so many feels unfortunately it fell flat for me. I was feel less. I thought I would cry. I didn't. So lets dive in!

Mallory – I wasn't crazy about her. She actually frustrated me quite a lot. I feel like despite everything I really didn't get to know her. I just really wanted to understand her more than I actually did. I dont know where her birth parents are, why shes in the system, how many homes she had been in. I felt like all those situations factored into her inability to talk.

Rider – eh, I liked him well enough. He was an okay character. I had all the same questions for Rider as I did for Mallory. I guess I liked Rider more because he didn't let his past hold him back.

Of course there are other characters and some who play some pretty important roles. But when it comes down to it The Problem with Forever is really about Mallory and Rider. While reading I couldn't help but compare The Problem with Forever to Perfect Chemistry By Simone Elkes. Maybe it was the good girl mixed up with the boy from the other side of the tracks that did it for me. I'm not sure.

This was the first book I've read by Armentrout. The writing was okay. I read it pretty quickly which was surprising because it is a bit of a hefty book. Was it classic boy saves girl, boy losses girl, they reunite and girl saves herself. If that's your thing. Perhaps you should give this book a try.

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