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Beastly Bones by William Ritter

"Beastly Bones" by William Ritter was a great sequel to "Jackaby." In "Jackaby," we were able to meet some fabulous characters. I am excited to get to visit these characters again.

What I didn't like:

  • Not as much sleuthing

  • Relationship are under-developed

The Sleuthing:

Jackaby and Miss Rook didn't do as much sleuthing as the first book. The mystery wasn't as predictable as the first book either but their didn't seem to be very many clues to follow up on this time around. I feel like the investigation itself was not very exciting.

Relationships are under-developed:

The relationships between each character are very under-developed. I feel like each relationship should have some form of improvement or depth. I want to see Jackaby and Miss Rook's relationship grow. Maybe not romantically but as friends. It would have been nice to see Charlie and Miss Rook's relationship become more romantic.

What I did like:

  • Writing

  • Characters

  • Plot

The Writing:

I love Ritter's writing. the pace is great and it is light and lovely. The conversations are hilarious yet informative. The writing is very quirky and I think it fits the time period extremely well.


These group of characters are incredibly fun. I've fallen in love with them. Abby Rook has created her won little spot in my heart. i want this girl to succeed. She is really becoming her own. Rook's character is growing and developing and I can't wait to see how her future turns out. Jackaby is quirky and amazing. I love how peculiar he is. Sometimes Jackaby is hard to read but I feel like that is part of his great character. There were also some new characters int he story. I enjoyed all the characters a lot.


The plot is very entertaining. i was completely engrossed in the story. the plot was less predictable. There wasn't much sleuthing, as I mentioned earlier but I reall liked that I wasn't able to peg everything right away.

I jumped right back into Abigail and Jackaby's lives. New murders take Jackaby and Abigail out to a farm. At this farm there is a dig site of bones that have been found. Miss Rook being a paleontologist is excited to go check out this dig. I love that I got to experience Abby's excitement when it came to the fossils and bones.

Wrap Up:

I love that William Ritter has created a paranormal series that feature all different kind of creatures. I am in love with these characters and can't get enough of them.

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