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The Possibility of Somewhere Blog Tour

"The Possibility of Somewhere" by Julia Day is Really good. The characters make the entire story and it is so good. Eden and Ash have competed to be the very best. They are very competitive in school and they are trying hard to get in to the  best universities. Eden doesn't come from a wealthy family so she needs to get a scholarship in order to go to a top notch college. Now for Ash to go to a great college, he can pay his whole way through school if he wants too. Ash comes from a wealthy family. Senior year is upon Eden and Ash and they are finally starting to know each other more than competition.

Ash's family doesn't want him to be with Eden because she is not wealthy. They look at her as if she is nothing but she is the smartest girl in school. Since Eden isn't rich, Ash's parents doesn't think that she is worthy enough for him. Eden has to deal with the issue of her racist father. Her father doesn't want her dating Ash either. Watching these two characters overcome life's difficulties was amazing. I loved this story. I think this book really shows how people can overcome life's problems and obstacles.

Day is an amazing author. She brings a wonderful book of diversity to her readers. I look forward to the other stories Day has to bring to the world. Her characters are so amazing and wonderful. I really thought the trope that Day used worked well for this story. She was able to bring life to this trope and not make it a cliche. I really connected with this story and I think that many others can connect with these characters and their story. I love that Day is able to bring out emotions in her readers.

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