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Winter by Marissa Meyer

Oh "Winter"

The end of the "Lunar Chronicles" is upon us. "Winter" by Marissa Meyer is essentially the last novel in the "Lunar Chronicles." It is always sad when a great series comes to an end.

I am going to start off with something new and start off with what I didn't like first.

What I didn't like:

  • Book was way too long

  • Wolf

  • Beauty

Let me elaborate.


I feel like parts of the book were drawn out for no reason but to create length. Many times I felt like the book was coming to an end but there was still half the novel left. I feel like there was a lot of filler text. not that it wasn't good filler text but it was definitely filler information. I feel like some of it could have been left out and the story would have been just fine.


Wolf and Scarlet spent the majority of the book a part. Woolf was captured and mortified again, this time to have even more animal instincts. As the reader,, I thought Meyer did a great job instilling the fear that Wolf was going to kill Scarlet. Imagine my disappoint when all of threat build up was for nothing. There was no hesitation or blip on wolf's radar but he was helping Scarlet with no issue. It isn't that I wanted Scarlet to be harmed but something should have happened to make the situate more realistic.


Winter and her beauty. I am annoyed by all of the references to Winter's beauty. I get it, she is beautiful. Her beauty doesn't need to be mentioned every time her name comes up. We get it! Winter is beautiful.

What I liked:

  • Kai's bravery

  • Cress becoming her own

  • Cinder and all her awesomeness

  • The Writing

Kai's Bravery:

I feel like Kai really stepped up in this book. He showed that he could be a good ruler. he was wiling to die in order to stop Levana if Cinder failed. Kai didn't want to die but he wanted Levana to be stopped.

Cress becoming her own:

Sweet young naive Cress finally comes into her own. She was confident! She believed in herself! Cress is the character that has grown the most. It has been an amazing journey.

Cinder and all her awesomeness:

Cinder was amazing. Cinder has come a long way form being a nobody cyborg slave. Now she has become the Princess she was born to be. Cinder found a way to move forward and to keep thriving. Cinder grew up a lot and she has learned so much about herself.

The Writing:

Meyer is an incredible writer. She creates beautiful characters and a beautiful story. many of us have fallen in love with her fairytale retellings. I am looking forward to seeing what else Meyer has for her readers.

Wrap Up:

I thought "Winter" was a great wrap up for the "Lunar Chronicles." Everyone got an ending to their story. I thought Meyer wrapped it up quite nicely. Now I have to give the novellas and short stories a try for this series. I hope you enjoy the ending to the "Lunar Chronicles" as much as I did.

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