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The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead

"The Glittering Court" by Richelle Mead is excellent. This is my first book by Mead. Number One, this cover is gorgeous. I am in love with the cover. It is so beautiful.


Adelaide is amazing. I love that she is sassy. She is outspoken. Adelaide is brave. Being born into privileged didn't make Adelaide happy; it made her absolutely miserable. She wanted to be free, so she found a way to become free. Adelaide didn't know what was ahead of her but she was willing to take that leap.

Tamsin is on my love and hate list. Sometimes she is a great friend to Adelaide and other times she is a selfish brat. I have a hard time believing that Tamsin loves others. She comes across as shallow and self-centered.

Mira is the friend that is completely mysterious. She disappears for hours on end and has many secrets. In some ways I think  Mira is a way better friend than Tamsin. I think Mira's mysteriousness adds to the story creating curiosity for the reader. Mira has such a good heart. I am looking forward to learning more about her in book two.

Cedric is the gentleman that any woman would be happy to have in their life. He started out treating Adelaide as a friend. He coached her on how to improve her homemaker skills. He wanted to help her succeed. I love his devotion to her. The fact that Cedric always stays true to himself and what he believes in.

Romance -

The romance in "The Glittering Court" is very slow. It is definitely a romance that takes its time and builds up through-out the story. Cedric and Adelaide work hard to fight their attraction to each other. I love how Cedric and Adelaide help each other out and keep each others secrets. Their romance is one of the amazing ones because it was built on a great friendship.

The World -

I love the world in "The Glittering Court." The setting is amazing. We have a mixture of an Elizabethan world and the Frontier. The characters are brought to a new world where there is gold pining. I really like the mixture of the different settings. This is definitely an interesting take on the mail order bride trope.

Arranged Marriage -

The one thing that I didn't completely understand is the arranged marriages. Adelaide didn't want to have to go through with her arranged marriage; yet she turns around, joins a program where her marriage is going to be bought. In reality there isn't a difference. Why did she think that this would be her freedom?

The Ending -

The ending of "The Glittering Court" was a bit abrupt to me. I felt like all the pieces came together a little too fast. I wanted a lot more for the ending. The ending was not bad, just rushed. I wish there was more but it looks like the next books will be different points of view rather than a continuation.

Wrap Up -

I really liked "The Glittering Court." It was different and fun. I loved the world. I thought the writing as great and I really liked the characters. This is one of my favorite type of romance stories. I love when the romance builds up over time rather than being instant. I am looking forward to Mira's story in book two.

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