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Wrath of the Fallen by Kristopher Jerome

"Wrath of the Fallen" by Kristopher Jerome was given to me by Jerome himself. We met at a social media seminar. When he found out that I am a book blogger, he asked if I was willing to take a look at his book. So here is my review and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

The Plot -

The plot of "Wrath of the Fallen" has a bit of a slow start. The story begins by introducing all the characters. I feel like the pace would have moved a bit faster if it wasn't all at the beginning. The story concept and plot was well done. I think Jerome has a lot of interesting ideas that he writes into the story.

The Writing -

The writing was quite well. Jerome has a wonderful writing style. I think the writing style was a lot better in the first half of the book. The editing of this story could have been a bit better. There are some errors that could have been avoided with better editing. There were grammatical errors that were a bit distracting.

The Ending -

The ending of "Wrath of the Fallen" was a bit rushed. I feel like some of the plot points were dropped. I do hope that the loose ends will be picked up in book two. I hope the resolutions in book two will be a bit better too.

Wrap Up -

"Wrath of the Fallen" by Kristopher Jerome is a great debut novel. I am looking forward to seeing what happens next.


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