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Book Review: Christmas in Paris

Anita Hughes brings her readers "Christmas in Paris" and it is beautiful. Isabel called her wedding off one week before it was supposed to happen. Isabel couldn't' give up the life that she created for herself in order to marry Neil. She didn't want to have the life that Neil wanted. When Neil suggest to Isabel to go on their honeymoon by herself, she doesn't hesitate to go.

Alec and Isabel are both trying to recover from broken hearts, when they meet each other in Paris. This story explores finding love when you have been heartbroken. I didn't think that the characters were the greatest, but I thought the moral of the story was good. Isabel was a bit all over the place and this was the main reason that I didn't care for her. I think it is important to show the world that you can overcome a broken heart and find love again. I think this is the best book that I've read by Hughes so far.

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