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Book Review: Spindle by Shonna Slayton



"Spindle" by Shonna Slayton took me for a whirlwind. I still don't totally know how I feel about this book. Briar rose is working at a spinning mill trying to earn money for her family. Everything in Briar's world is falling apart. She may lose everything.

I really like that Briar Rose is made into a strong character. I love that the story takes place during the Industrial Revolution. Like Slayton's other books, the story focuses around an artifact from the fairy-tale. Again Slayton does a wonderful job bringing magic to a more modern world.

A few things I didn't like; I didn't like the slow pace of the novel. I feel like something could have been done to fix this. Henry should have been in the novel a lot more. I feel like he should have way more page time.

Ultimately, "Spindle" by Shonna Slayton is a fun and easy read. I am always looking forward to her next novel.







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