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The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis

"The Female of the Species" by Mindy McGinnis was very interesting. This book is full of talks and events of rape, murder, alcohol, sex, and random parties. McGinnis is a great writer, but I feel like this book is lacking. The story-line and plot could have been better. The only way I made it through the novel only because of PeeKay. I really liked PeeKay and I wanted to know how her story ends.

Alex has many issues. She doesn't know how to deal with her problems. Alex turns to violence and justice. She keeps to herself until PeeKay comes along. Finding a friend starts to help Alex get on the road to recovery.

PeeKay was my favorite character. She tries to prove that she is more than a preacher's kid by being a rebel. She ends up getting herself into some deep trouble. PeeKay befriends Alex and truly tries to help her through friendship. I like how PeeKay is a genuine friend. She cares. I think it is powerful when we find out PeeKay's real name. It shows the cruelty of high school at it's best.

Jack is partially misunderstood and partially a cliche. He talks about people not understanding, yet he keeps sleeping with Branley. Jack acts like he has no choice when it comes to sleeping with Branley. The truth is, he does and he chooses wrong every time because Jack is weak and has no will power. I was most disappointed in Jack's character.

Ultimately, "The Female of the Species" cold have been a lot better. This doesn't mean I won't read anything else of McGinnis' though. This novel just isn't my favorite. The plot and characters were extremely weak.

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