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The Next by Stephanie Gangi

I was not impressed by "The Next" by Stephanie Gangi. Part of me really wanted to like this story because so many others did but I just didn't. I was disappointed that this story seemed to be all about Joanna getting back at a guy that she just had a fling with. Instead of focusing on more important things in life, Joanna went after a fling. I feel like for a haunting she could have picked someone better to go after.

I had a hard time getting into Joanna and Ned's characters. They both seemed to be quite ridiculous. I felt like Joanna needed to grow up except that she was already dead. Couldn't she see that there were better things to do with her afterlife? These characters are awful. Why is Joanna so sexually driven as a ghost? She seems to want sex all the time. How is that possible? She is a ghost!

Gangi writing is not bad though. She created a story that you wanted to keep reading even though the characters were terrible. I do have to admit that Gangi making Joanna a mean cancer patient was kind of an awesome decision. All the books I have read about cancer patients is most end up being really nice and understanding. Joanna wasn't nice and she wasn't understanding. Instead, she was pissed at the world and not afraid to show it, even if she was only a ghost. This story wasn't for me but it may be for you.

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