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One of the Few by Jason B. Ladd

"One of the Few" by Jason B. Ladd covers so many complex topics. The book really digs deep to bring out some thought-provoking questions. Ladd starts the reader off with discussing his childhood and how he grow up and then goes through and shares his military experiences. Ladd was looking for true faith and where to find it.

I think Ladd does a great job sharing his experience and explaining all of the military terms. I appreciated that Ladd took the time to find examples that made sense to me. The pop culture references added a bit of flair and made the text something the reader is able to relate too. I think references in a memoir book is great because it can bring in different generations of readers.

"One of the Few" is broken up into three parts. I love how Ladd breaks down each part and chapter into sections. It makes the story easier to read. I find that I tend to get bored in memoirs but this is a memoir that I enjoyed and found myself interested. I really liked the non-Christian quotes compared to scripture or even quotes made by Christians. I think it is important to see all points of view and it also gives you context on what Ladd is referring to or talking about.

I think the biggest issue I had with this book is some of Ladd's points are a bit of a stretch. I think the thoughts and opinions are great. As long as it is referenced as thoughts or opinions and not fact. I was very interested to see what his opinion were and I think it is a really good book to read.

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