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Shadows of Men by M. Lee Holmes

Shadows of Men by M. Lee Holmes is very interesting. This book was not what I was expecting at all. I was a bit surprised to say the least. This book does have rape in it. I want to start that off and it has pretty graphic violence. There is your second warning before I begin this review.

Shadows of Men starts with Viktor choosing his successor. The way a successor is chosen, is the sword chooses and then Viktor stabs the successor and then gives them their life back. It is a bit weird and gross but that is what happens. Viktor doesn't like who his sword chooses because it isn't a man this time around it is a woman. Viktor doesn't want a woman to be his successor. Viktor tried choosing his own successor but each time the person would die.

The the book jumps ahead by a year and we find out that Viktor gave in and he successor is the female. Rhada, the successor, is now the most feared and hated person in the realm. Rhada is responsible for a massacre of citizens, which was a command that was given to her by the King but because of this, she has a hard time finding acceptance with the people.

I didn't totally love this book. I thought the writing was okay. The characters were alright. I didn't find a real attachment to anyone. I think the world was the best part about this book. The world building was pretty good and that kept me interested.



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