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Stars Above by Marissa Meyer

When we all thought the end was over, Meyer decided to give us just a bit more. I loved how we got to know the characters a little more.

The Keeper:

I loved getting to know Michelle Benoit. Michelle Benoit is a character that I really wanted to get to know more and I got my wish. I was thankful Meyer gave me the chance. "The Keeper" spans across seven years. Benoit is given Cinder to protect, but then Scarlet comes to live with her. Scarlet being in the house makes things a lot more complicated. I really liked learning more about Scarlet too.


I got to learn about Cinder as a young cyborg. It is a scary world starting over and Cinder is also trying to figure out her cyborg parts.

The Queen's Army:

This was intense. So many things happen to Wolf. Everything he went through made me want to give him a hug. The Queen's Army is so intense and there is so much fighting.

Carswell's Guide to Being Lucky:

This story is about a young Thorne in high school. It felt like this story really sets up Thorne for the future. In a way it explains everything about him.

After Sunshine Passes by:

Nine year old Cress is so cute. I wanted to hug her and give her comfort. I think Cress's point of view is really important. I really liked getting to know little Cress.

The Princess and the Guard:

Winter and Jacin grew up together and this story shows a little bit of that history. I really got to know WInte rin this story. meyer shared how Winter got her scars and why Winter doesn't use her gift. I also got to see how protective Jacin is.

The Little Android:

I loved how Meyer created a little mermaid story that had all new characters. It was a surprise to see that Cinder was intertwined in this story also.

The Mechanic:

I really loved getting to see Kai's point of view of his and Cinder's first meeting. This was so cute. I love how they both stumble over meeting the other.

Something Old, Something New:

How Perfect! I love love love. I've been investing in these characters for so long and this is the perfect ending for them. It is hard to see these amazing characters go but they got a great story.





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