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The Lovely Reckless by Kami Garcia

"The Lovely Reckless" by Kami Garcia is amazing.

I love this book to death.

I am always down for a good book about girls, boys, and cars. These characters stole my heart.

Frankie Devereux royally screwed up and now she has to leave her rich life behind to go live with her undercover cop dad. Something tragic happened to Frankie...her boyfriend died. RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER. I would be a little messed up too. Now Frankie is trying to pick up the pieces of her life.

I was totally not ready for this story! IN A GOOD WAY. "The Lovely Reckless" is amazing. I think it is a real gem. I really like this story and I really like these characters.

Cars and Romance. Can it get any better?

These character hooked me right away. Their lives are so fascinating and i felt like I knew each of them right away. how could you not be invested?

Frankie and Marcos relationship escalated so fast. They went from zero to sixty in seconds. Normally, I am not a fan, but it worked for this book. I was routing for these characters!

This is my first Kami Garcia book and I am so glad that I started with this one. the writing is so good.

The Pacing.

The Action.

The Romance.

The Friendships.

It is all so perfect.

I got to meet Kami Garcia on tour and it was awesome hearing the behind the scenes detail. Garcia incorporated some of her own past in this book and I think it is great. I do hope you all love this book as much as I do.



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