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The Nerdy and The Dirty by B.T. Gottfred

The Nerdy and The Dirty by B.T. Gottfred is different. This book is very sexual. I want to give another warning just in case. The Nerdy and The Dirty sounded so cliche. I thought I would give it a chance though.

In the beginning, Benedict came across as an asshat. He is a terrible character. Pen is a really whiny girl. You are making the choices that are upsetting you! Duh! Part of me wanted to toss the book out the window and start with something new but I have a 100 page rule, so I kept going.

The story finally got better once Benedict and Pen started interacting with each other. This is when the story truly began for me. At the same time, I became disappointed in the insta-love between Pen and Benedict. Why is there insta-love in this book? It wasn't needed. I was disappointed because it was like Benedict flipped a switch. Benedict went from hating Pen to instantly loving her. I don't get it at all.

Pen is the popular girl. Even though she has many inner demons. I still expected her to react like a popular girl and she didn't. She was instantly drawn to Benedict too. I really like that Pen found herself though. She needed confidence and she found it.

Lots of sexual content in this book. Beware! I have to give the author kuddos for making everything completely awkward. Authors try to make everything perfect and love and sex is not perfect. I am not sure this book belongs in young adult. i would probably classify it as a new adult book because of all the sexual content.

The religion aspect really bothered me. The way the author talks about religion is disappointing. I am not naive enough to say things like this don't happen but this is also looking at religion through a keyhole. Honestly I have had enough of all the pigeon holing.

The cover is super cute though. I do enjoy this cover. Those are my thoughts! I hope you all have a great Sunday.


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