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The Secret Servant by Shanna Moncuse

The Secret Servant by Shanna Moncuse was a surprising read. Evangeline has been trained from a young age to guard Princess Kailani. While she is guarding Princess Kailani, Evangeline is supposed to take on the role of a servant girl. Evangeline is very loyal to her friend and princess. These two become as thick as thieves. So when the princesses life is in danger, Evangeline is quick to figure out who it is.

I really liked the world that Moncuse has created. I think the world building could use a bit of work but ultimately it isn't bad. I enjoyed the story. I enjoyed the characters interacting with each other. Princess Kailani and Evangeline are so incredibly different and to see these two be the best of friends was so interesting and fun. Evangeline is an amazing main character. I love how strong of a female character she is and the fact that she didn't back down.

I say this book is definitely worth your time to check out. I think it is a great story and it has a princess. You should read just because of that.


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