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Wake the Hollow by Gaby Triana

Micaela returns to Sleepy Hollow after she mother dies. She recieved a letter days before her mothered died for her to return back to Sleepy Hollow. Micaela suspects that something is going on in this town. It makes it more suspicious that Micaela's mother sent the letter to Micaela's best friend and not to her. As Micaela learns more about what is going on in the town, she suspects more and more that her mother's death was not an accident.

I had a hard time trying to connect with any of the characters. It is hard to fall in love with a book when none of the characters appeal to you. I have to say that I was quite impressed with the fact that Micaela grew as much as she did through out this book because that is the only thing that was interesting to me. The story didn't grip my attention at all and I felt like the setting wasn't developed enough. I find this just to be an okay book for me.

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