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Heartless by Marissa Meyer

Heartless by Marissa Meyer is a wonderful retelling. Heartless is not a traditional retelling though. It is more of a prequel that is inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Someone asked me what villian I thought was the most misunderstood and my answer is the Queen of Hearts. Then they asked me why I thought the Queen of Hearts is misunderstood. Talking to this person, they thought if I wrote a blog post about it to explain, then I could share why I think that.

My answer Heartless and you have my answer right there. I hadn't read Heartless at the time of this discussion, but I knew it would be out soon. Meyer does a wonderful job giving the Queen of Hearts a backstory. This backstory explains why I think the Queen of Hearts is misunderstood.

Cath loves to bake. She and her best friend Mary Ann want to open up a bakery together. Cath's parents want to marry her off to the King of Hearts. I really enjoyed getting to know Cath. her character is written so good. She is whimsical and fun but Cath isn't' always the smartest tool in the shed. Cath falls in love, but not with the King. She looks at her life as if it is falling apart because her parents are relentless about marrying the King.

I felt really bad for Cath. She has dreams and goals that keep getting crushed. She just wants to live her own life. I think everyone can relate to her. Cath wants to find true love and be incredibly happy. This story brings us back to the time of were woman should be seen and not heard. who doesn't love a forbidden love story?

The ending of Heartless is heartbreaking. I think it explains the  backstory of the Queen of Hearts perfectly. This book explains perfectly why I think the Queen of Hearts is misunderstood. I really liked Heartless and I am excited to add it to my Alice collection.


  1. I am so excited to read Heartless! I'm so glad you liked it and I love that it's an Alice retelling! Happy reading! :D

  2. Hi Maggie, Thank you so much for your comment. I apologize that I am getting back to you so late. I am so glad that you liked Heartless. I've heard many good things and bad things about the book. I feel like it is one of those books that some people like and others don't. I hope you are having a lovely holiday season. Thank you for stopping by on Dazzled by Books.