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The Sweetest Dark by Shana Abe

The Sweetest Dark by Shana Abe is fantastic. I love Abe's writing. She writes so beautifully. Lora is an amazing character. She came from an orphanage in London in the middle of World War I. Since all children are being sent out of London and Lora ends up being sent to Iverson. In Iverson there is an elite boarding school for girls that Lora ends up at. Lora thinks that it was complete luck that she ended up being able to attend this boarding school however it may have not been such a coincidence that she may have thought.

The Setting:

The Sweetest Dark takes place in the era of World War I in England. On top of that this series also takes place during Abe's Drakon series for adults. If you are familiar with her other books then you are in for a pleasant surprise of revisiting a world that you love. I wish there was a bit more background to the World War I part of the setting. There was a few slight hints of things but not much.

The Characters:

I really enjoyed the characters. Lora comes across a bit distant at first but she slowly opens up and the reader is able to get to know her. I really loved that she opened up and grew up. Lora has a major strength that she is only finding the beginning of. I am looking forward to seeing how Lora grows as a character. Yes, there are two guys in this story but I don't think it will be the traditional love triangle that you think. Actually I don't think it is a love triangle at all.

Wrap Up:

I love this story. The characters are great. I was intrigued with the storyline and the world that Abe has created in her other stories. I recommend this book a lot.


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