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A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness is so good. I think A Monster Calls is an excellent coming of age story. This book is going to make any reader emotional. I love that the focus is truth. Not just the truth to tell to others but speaking the truth to yourself.

Connor O'Malley suffers from nightmares. he seems to have a requiring nightmare of his mom. he wakes up ever time just before the nightmare ends. then Connor has a new dream, a yew tree comes to life to tell Connor three stories. When the yew tree is done with his three stories, Connor has to tell the yew tree a fourth story. The fourth story is supposed to be Connor's truth.

This story is so full of emotion. one has to deal with growing up and the sickness of a parent. If you are looking for a light read than this is not your book. this book will cause tears. The writing in this story is amazing. Ness did a great job with the is book. I am glad that he was able to make something of Siobhan Dowd's idea.


On a side note. I recently saw the movie and I think the movie was executed extremely well. I enjoyed all the actors and actresses. I think the perfect people were chosen for these parts. The CGI was well done. The movie will make you cry just as much as the book. I think the movie deserves five stars as well.



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