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Ever the Hunted by Erin Summerill

Ever the Hunted by Erin Summerill was the fantasy I was looking for. Britta's father was killed and now she is on her own. Britta gets caught for a crime and is given achoice, she can either be hanged for her crimes or hunt down her father's murderer. Cohen is believed to be Britta's father's murderer. Britta and Cohen have a history, they grew up together and she used to be in love with him.

This story is a bit hard to share because I feel like I can easily spoil the story. For the entire book you are traveling through a forest and land. Since there is so much traveling, it caused the story to have a slow pace. The world building is part of why the pace is so slow. I think the scenery and getting to know this world is fun. For book two there shouldn't have to be so much world building since it was done in book one.

It is a very interesting world that Summerill has created. There are two kingdoms that are at war. Channelers are magic wielders. The channelers magic depends on what element they belong too. In these kingdoms channelers are charged for the crime of wielding magic, so they try to keep their powers to themselves.

The romance is very slow burning. As I mentioned before, Britta and Cohen grew up together. They considered themselves to be best friends. This is the common romance trope of two friends that love each other but they never told each other. As these two spend more time together, they slowly learn to trust each other again and to open up. I think the romance is very slow moving but I liked it. It was nice to avoid the insta-love.

The ending pulls you in for book two. It isn't really a cliffhanger but it makes the reader want to know more. I really liked Ever the Hunted. I think this is going to be an epic series. Bring it on Summerill, I am ready!


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