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RoseBlood by A.G. Howard

RoseBlood by A.G. Howard is not as fabulous as I hoped it would be. I loved the Splintered books, so I had high hopes but truly I shouldn't have. I was excited for a phantom of the opera retelling. I am not the hugest fan but I've enjoyed the legends.

Since RoseBlood is such a popular book, I will break things down that way if you are reading this, you can skip around to the parts you want to read.


The writing is really good. I enjoyed A.G. Howard's writing like always. The story flowed well. There are a few areas that dragged a bit, but ultimately, the pace is good. I also liked how much research and planning Howard did (Read Author's Note). 


I think the characters are a big part of why this book is not blowing me away. I couldn't' find a connection to Thorn or Rune at all. Their personalities were boring to me. I think the characters could use more personality. The side characters didn't play big enough roles. It is hard to have feelings for such minor characters.

The Story:

I found my self confused a lot. There were times that I wondered what was going on. It has been awhile since I was lost in a book (in a bad way). The plot twist through me off and made things even more confusing. This is definitely a Gothic romance style story.


Howard's imagination is great. You can tell she put a loft of time in creating this story. I really like all the connections and parallels to the legend of the phantom of the opera.


I may reread this one alter down the line to see how I feel a second time around. I was disappointed with this one.

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