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The Silver Gate by Kristin Bailey

The Silver Gate by Kristin Bailey is about a brother and sister that go on a quest to survive. Their mom has died and their dad wants to sell Wynn, the sister. Elric, the brother, wants to keep Wynn safe. He promised his mom that he would take care of her.

Elric tries to take Wynn to a convent but because of Wynn's issues, they believe her to be a changeling and turn them away. Elric doesn't know what to do. Wynn believes they are going on an adventure to find the silver gate that leads to the fairy queen.

I found myself becoming a bit bored with the story. Elric was a terrible character. I can understand his frustrations but at the same time, he never did anything nice. Elric was always on my naughty list.

Wynn could have been a great character but she wasn't. There are a few things, one Bailey went overboard with trying to make the read feel sympathetic towards Wynn. Bailey tries so hard when she didn't need too. The second thing, Wynn comes across like she doesn't know anything but really she is very smart. I feel like Wynn's character could have been better.

The Silver Gate would have been great as a standalone novel but I believe it has been set up for a sequel. Check out The Silver Gate and let me know what you think in the comments.

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