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A Million Worlds With You by Claudia Gray

A Million Worlds With You by Claudia Gay is a fantastic wrap up to this series. When I first started this series I was a bit iffy about it. Then book two really got my attention. This series ended with a bang in A Million Worlds With You.

In book three all the dimensions are coming together to stop Conley, from Triadverse, from destroying them all. Wicked, the evil Marguerite that is also from Triadverse, keeps trying to kill off all the other Marguerite's. So our Marguerite is trying to say each one of her dimension selves by trying to follow Wicked. In this book we get to see all the different Marguerite's, Paul's, and Theo's from the other universes. Some of which we have previously met. I was happy that we got to visit other dimension characters again so that their stories could have some closure. I thought all the stories were tied up quite nicely.

When you have different universes to deal with, that also means you have a lot of characters to keep track of and sometimes I found myself losing track of who is who. I thought Gray did a great job with this series. I thought it got better as I went. I loved all the different types of characters. One of my favorite characters and story lines is deaf Marguerite. I really enjoyed getting to know her and the universe that she lived in. It brought something very unique to the story.

I think this is a series you should stick with. Like me the story got better as the series went on because I was not the biggest fan of the first book. I think this series is definitely worth reading.

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