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Empire of Storms by Sarah J Maas

Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas is a book I would love to hate. Don't get me wrong, I still liked the book. I think it could have been so much better.

Not to mention to have a quote like this:
"The world will be saved and remade by the dreamers."

Who wouldn't love a quote like that?

I really enjoyed Elide's point of view. I thought Maas did an excellent job with her story. Elide doesn't realize that her Queen and Celaena are one and the same. Elide came a long way in this book. She started out in this series as a fragile child and she grew into a fierce woman.

Aelin is the character that disappointed me the most. She has come so far and I feel she acted like a spoiled Queen in this book. I really liked when Lord Darrow put Aelin in her place by reminding her that not everyone is in love with her. Reality Check Please! IT was a nice turn of evens to see Aelin put in her place.

Now Rowan. I was never gaga over Rowan. I will always be team Chaol. Which I'll get to in a moment. Lord Darrow mad an excellent point to Rowan.
"Oh, yes we've heard of you. What an interesting turn of events, that when our kingdom is weakest and its heir so young, one of Maeve's most trusted warrior manages to gain a foothold, after so many years of grazing at our kingdom with such longing. Or perhaps the better question is, why serve at Maeve's feet when you could rule beside Princess Aelin?"

Rowan liked to try to throw around his authority. I was like "Really? No one cares." I found myself disappointed as this relationship continues to grow. Rowan tortured Aelin, I don't see how she could him so much.

Manon and her witches is one of the most beautiful parts of this book. I felt so much emotion for them. Manon is an amazing character. I loved getting to know her fierce character. Going into this book, I wasn't looking for more Manon. I am glad that is what I got.

Lastly I wan to touch on Chaol or the lack of. Where is Chaol? What is he up to? I need to know what has happened to him. I am looking forward to the Chaol book to say the least.

I would love to hear your thoughts on Empire of Storms.

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