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Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

Passenger by Alexandra Bracken is a journey. When Passenger first came out, I tried to read it but it was so slow that I had to give up. I decided to try it again this year. Knowing that the beginning of Passenger was going to be really slow due to the world building, I was more prepared for round two. As the story moved forward I became hooked.

Ella gets thrown into a world that she didn't know existed. Etta comes from a family of time travelers but she was unaware of this unique gift. It is very interesting learning about Etta's ability as she is learning about it. Etta is definitely a strong-willed female. She is bound and determined to figure out this life of hers.

I think Bracken's writing has improved a lot since her Darkest Minds series. She is very descriptive and elegant with her words. Bracken's story and plotting is excellent and it really kept me engaged. I think Bracken did an excellent job with all of the time traveling. Time traveling stories can often be tricky, so the fact that Bracken mad time traveling all her own is even better. I love the unique spin that Bracken used.

All the relationships, both romance and friendship, made the story very interesting. Every relationship is very complex. One minute things are going well and he next it isn't. I am really hoping that Etta and Nicholas don't end u related because I think they are really good together.

Passenger is not a story you will want to miss out on. I think this is Bracken's best work yet. Definitely worth checking out.


  1. I've been kind of iffy about reading Passenger, mainly because I had a feeling it might be a sluggish read. Since you gave it another shot and liked it, I'll try it for sure now! Thanks for prepping me for a slow beginning! :D

  2. Hi Maggie, for some reason I thought I responded to you awhile ago, but apparently it was all in my head. Definitely stick with Passenger. It took me three tries before I actually finished it. I basically just had to sit myself down one night and told myself that I was going to conquer it and I am really glad that I did. I ended up really enjoying the book. Feel free to reach out if gets tough.