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Ten Thousand Skies Above You by Claudia Gray

Ten Thousand Skies Above You by Claudia Gray is so much better than the first book. No sophomore slump for Claudia Gray, she powered right through. This story is so creative and enjoyable.

Marguerite travels through multiple dimensions. This keeps the story moving so fast. I love how each dimension has its own story going on. Each Marguerite has a story and a life and I really enjoyed getting to know each Marguerite. theo is suffering from a drug that the "evil" Theo was injecting into him. Now Theo is having some major issues because of this drug. Paul's soul has been splintered across four different dimensions. Now Marguerite is on a mission to try to save both Paul and Theo.

I really enjoyed Marguerite and Theo together. I think it gave the reader a chance to get to know both of them. Part of me became disappointed because Theo and Marguerite have fabulous chemistry. It was fun getting to see all the different sides of Marguerite and Theo. I loved knowing that at least in one dimension they are happy together.

Ten Thousand Skies Above You is so good. If you didn't care for book one like me, still give this one a chance because I think it redeemed itself. Besides who doesn't love these gorgeous covers?

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